Orange U Happy

TALL Blonde had a wild idea one evening of mixing a few clear spirits with a little fresh citrus.
The development is now a friend and family favorite. Just the thought of a visit to the TALL Blonde abode and start with a freezer chilled martini glass filled with the following equally ice cold concoction makes all of her friends giddy, hence the name "Orange U Happy".

Equal parts:
Tanqueray Gin
Absolut Mandarin Vodka
Triple Sec
One peel of orange the length of the circumference of one fruit

Pour liquor into a shaker (that too is kept in the freezer)
Press the oils from the orange peel into the shaker by slightly folding the cut side of the peel into the shaker, you will feel a slight spray telling you that you did it correctly.
Fill shaker with ice, put the top on and shake hard for a good 30 seconds.
Strain into a freezer-chilled martini glass and serve.

TALL Blonde makes this in advance which allows the orange peel to infuse the alcohol giving it a mild orange color before adding ice and shaking.

Enjoy Responsibly with Friends!